Find over 700 plus products Assamese Traditional Dress Online and own your favorite from the collections we have. We offer very reasonable price and value to our designer who invest lots of time and skills in making these hand woven products.

Products are designed from high quality Assam silk or such material to have a nice and smooth finish.

Follow each product for details and wear guideline as well as washing and maintenance guidelines so that you can use these products for a long period.

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Pure Toss Set in Golden and Red Colour.


Pure Assam Silk in Contrast Mekhela Raani Pink Sador Off white with Guna and xuta work

6,000.00 5,400.00

Assam Silk Pure Paat material in Rani Pink and Off White Contrast set.


Assamese Tassar Silk Mekhela Sador with small buta work.


Pure Paat in Contrast Bright Yellow and Blue colour with multiple buta work


Pure Paat in Orange Color with Guna work


Pure Toss Mekhela Sador Blue Orange Guna work


Pure Tassar Silk with Guna and Red xuta work whole body


Pure Toss Mekhela Sador multiple color Xuta and Guna

8,000.00 7,500.00

Pure paat Contrast design Blue Mekhela Off white Sador


Tassar Silk whole body small Buta work blue and Red


Pure Assam Silk White Base Blue and Orange small Buta