Mekhela Chador or sador mekhela/chadar mekhela is the traditional assamese dress worn by women.

There are two main pieces of cloth that are sprawled around the body.

1) Mekhela: the bottom portion, wrapped from the waist downwards is called the mekhela.

2) Chador or sador : the top portion of the two-piece dress, called the Chador, is a long length of cloth that has one end tucked into the upper portion of the Mekhela and the rest draped over and around the rest of the body.

3) Blouse: Generally the blouse worn in mekhela-chador joda, the blouse matches the mekhela.

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cotton ghisa

Cotton Ghisa Mekhela Sador

1,100.00 1,000.00

Cotton Ghisa Mekhela Sador Green Color

Cotton Kesa Paat assamclicks

Cotton Kesa Paat with Eri work Mekhela Sador

5,800.00 5,400.00

Ghisa Cotton Sador with colored tree design

1,000.00 900.00

Heavy Mekhela Sador set in Paat with guna and suta work

13,000.00 11,000.00

Kesa paat Mekhela sador with gaari dia design

2,500.00 2,000.00

Ludhiana paat heavy


Ludhiana paat in black with Guna and dark pink

ludhiana paat

Ludhiana PAAT Mekhela Sador By Sanjukta

4,500.00 4,100.00

Ludhiana paat mekhela sador in contrast

ludhiana paat mekhela sador

Ludhiana Paat mekhela sador in golden yellow combination

1,500.00 1,250.00
ludhiana paat

Ludhiana paat mekhela sador rani pink