here you can find your favourite ludhiana paat mekehela sador from various designers of assam and buy them online required to your color , and design

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Gorgeous Black in colour with Guna work Ludhiana past mekhela Sador.

3,000.00 2,650.00

Boutique design Ludhiana paat Mekhela Sador in Black with Large Sized Side Border.

3,000.00 2,500.00

Ludhiana paat Mekhela Sador in Pink and Black contrast colours.

3,000.00 2,500.00

Ludhiana past in Black with Whole body guna work and partly pink colour.

3,000.00 2,550.00

Ludhiana paat Mekhela in Red with whole body work and nuni Sador in Off white with Red Side border.

3,000.00 2,700.00

Ludhiana Paat Mekhela Sador in Black and Pink Brocade design with heavy Blouse Piece

2,800.00 2,400.00

Ludhiana paat Mekhela Sador in Contrast Black and Blue

2,000.00 1,700.00
Sold out

Off White Colour Ludhiana Paat Mekhela Sador.


Ludhiana Paat Mekhela Sador in Ash Colour.

3,500.00 3,100.00

Ludhiana Paat Heavy in Off White Colour

3,000.00 2,700.00

Ludhiana Paat Partywear Mekhela Sador in Yellow and Navy Blue Colour.

3,700.00 3,200.00

Pink and Blue Partywear Ludhiana Paat Mekhela Sador.

3,700.00 3,200.00