Bamboo the longest grass, predominant in Assam which can be handcrafted to design various objects, tools and importantly cooking tools, pots and Bamboo water Bottle to keep water. The disposable plastic bottles are very bad for health and in summer can not be used as it becomes hot. Also disposable plastic bottles are hazards for environment pollution. DB industries from Biswanath chariali, Assam is creating a bamboo water bottle by using an idea for keeping the environment safe as well healthy for human use.

This eco-friendly bottle comes in various sizes. It is like any other plastic water bottle with a cork so that water has no chance of leaking also during the process of manufacturing the bottles are extensively treated to make them bacteria free, hygienic and safe for storing human consumable water in all environment.

And most Importantly each Bamboo Water Bottle is unique and different in some way from the other. So when you buy a Bamboo Water Bottle you can be sure that nobody else in the world owns one exactly like yours.


  • Wash the interior of the water bottle for just 2 minutes with a brush once every week.
  • Keep the Bottle Dry when not in Use & don’t keep water in the bottle for more than 36 hours.
  • Don’t screw the cap of the bottle more than its limit.

You can buy here the differently designed and sized bamboo bottles online, If you have any special requirement please chat us in product section

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